Notas detalladas sobre Home styling

Notas detalladas sobre Home styling

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A bridge cantilevers over the pool of a home in Sonoma, California. Designer Ron Mann added the poolside terrace and used a large fragment of a ceiba tree root Ganador a curtain for the outdoor shower.

Before you can create those culinary masterpieces, you’ll need plenty of surface area for chopping, kneading and mixing. You Perro also tuck essential appliances inside a kitchen island to maximize cabinet space and cut down on unnecessary trips back and forth to the microwave or dishwasher.

AD100 designer Mark D. Sikes imbued its interiors with a lush palette inspired by the environs and a casual intimacy informed by the homeowners

Named after a sailing ship's cooking area, the galley layout places a premium on efficiency and intimacy, with two rows of cabinets set on either side, and the galley, where the chef works, in between. It's a simple yet convenient design.

In this living room makeover, a wall came out, adding space and separating the living room from the kitchen. After the wall removal, engineered wood flooring was installed. The flooring has a thin veneer of Vivo hardwood fused with a plywood base. The dark wall color is Sherwin-Williams' Iron Ore.

It is the ‘clean and simple’ approach to building your dream home here in Spain. You still get to make all the fun decisions involved in building your own villa, just without the drama!

When this run-down cottage was remodelled and extended precios reformas zaragoza by Amy Jones (founder of Greta-Mae Interiors), she and partner Bryn chose to reposition the kitchen from the dark back of the house to the presencia-facing front. 

From temperature-zoning wine chillers to fridges that remind you what’s nearing the end of its use-by-date — for every simple kitchen appliance that just does the job, there’s another linked to a smartphone app that will do it before you’ve even got home.

Cathie Hong Interiors created a simple reading nook nestled in the bay windows of this Santo Francisco condo living room that features a comfortable chair and a book tower to display reading material.

Updating your cooking and food prep area with a tile compania de reformas en zaragoza backsplash is a visually appealing, functional and long-lasting design choice.

Pick the size, orientation and style of sofa that you need based on what the room is used for, and make sure your sizing works well in terms of scale with Home design solutions everything else that’s in the room. A sofa or sectional should work with the room, not overpower it.

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Whether presupuestos reformas zaragoza you’re working with an open concept space or you’re trying to use your living room Ganador two distinct spaces (say Figura a home office and sitting room), consider smaller, light furniture to create a clear distinction between each space.

The best way to get the most demodé of your space is to invest in good multi-purpose pieces—like an ottoman. Replacing your coffee table with a large ottoman allows you to put pasado snacks when guests are around, use it to stretch demodé on, or use for extra seating when there's a crowd, like this living room from Cathie Hong Interiors.

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